Monday, 7 November 2011

Who wouldn't want a free trip to Australia?

Tourism Australia has sought out a Canadian bloke to come to our shores and chat about how awesome Australians are....tough gig! Cameron Hookey is a guy who jokes about being a Gravitational War Tactics PhD and avid Pomeranian breeder? The adventures of a young man, with small backpack (due to obvious airline restrictions) as he quotes on his page.  I love this guy already

Cameron won a blogging competition and received an all expense paid trip to OZ where he will document his 3 week journey called Have You Seen Cam.  So far he has racked up miles through Melbourne, Adelaide, Tasmania and now he is in the hands of CocoBongo visiting Townsville!
The crew from Consortium and Watermark are going to give him the tour of his life....let’s just hope we can get him to his next destination in one piece.....
We want to showcase Townsville we need to hear from you on the best places to take him!! Please sign up to our Google Followers link to access our comments link below