Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Drug Coma for Champion Boxer

Shannon Taylor
Bazel here and some shocking news today that legendary world champion boxer, Shannon Taylor a close friend of Jarrod McCracken’s is in an extremely critical condition today after a so called night of fun went horribly wrong yesterday. Taylor is in an induced coma and life support after he and two friends decided to catch up for a few drinks. An imbecile claiming he had a bag of cocaine gave the substance to the boys. The trusting group snorted the white powder assuming it was the chosen party drug that many high profile people take. It turned out it was a deadly supply of Heroin. Two of the boys are gravely ill with Taylor fighting strong. Later today Taylor will be brought out of his coma and we hope and pray that he pulls through with no permanent long term side effects. We send our love and support to his friends and family and three children.
This amazes me how somebody of Shannon’s calibre, willpower and strength can be in this scary condition and I hope the authorities catch the low life that’s responsible.