Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Laughing Republic

Complain that nothing ever happens in Townsville? Are you one of THOSE people that whinge about Brisbane getting all the fun with Townsville always forgotten? Yep, I’m one of those people too. I’m always at home playing Xbox, eating takeout and happy to sit at home, generally boring and would rather whine about nothing happening. Thats why Sage always helps out with the exciting stuff.
But something exciting has come to the Ville and it’s actually half decent. The Sit Down Comedy Club is one of Australia’s major producers of Stand Up Comedy. Established in 1992 it has finally reached Townsville and currently resides monthly at The Consortium Night Club Flinders Street. Sit Down Comedy Club or SDCC presents a new show every month with National and International performers that have been featured on Radio or Television. So far Consortium has had Lindsay Webb, Fiona McGary, Dave Williams and Paul Brasch. This month Consortium has the pleasure of presenting Dave Callan and Mark McConville. 
SDCC circulates through all of Queensland and can be found up in the comfy and exclusive The Lounge which is the standout function room upstairs of Consortium. They provide full grub with Watermark food platters and full bar facilities to get loose with.
Dave Callan
Dave Callan best known from his years on Rove Live and hosting Saturday nights on Triple J has also appeared on Spicks and Specks, The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala, The Footy Show, and Hey Hey Its Saturday. Performing in New York, Edinburgh and across Asia and Australia. The Irish Australian is in his element live on stage and is always outstanding, generous and hilarious.
(Mistaken for Chewbacca, Jesus and The Wild Man from Borneo in that order)

Mark McConville
Mark McConville has entertained over 200,000 people around the country. Mark has been seen on all of the major commercial TV channels as well as being a featured comic on the Comedy Channels “Home Delivered Comedy”
Mark has been doing this gig for over 12 years, his approach is up front and personal. Marks style is life observations and stories, his short and punchy gags cut to the chase, giving the audience a full physical workout with the best possible medicine- laughter!

Thursday 17th  Novemeber
Doors open at 7pm show starts at 8pm
Group bookings welcome with food packages
Table of 2 with 1 food platter $75
Table of 4 with 2 food platters $150
Table of 6 with 3 food platters $225
Table of 8 with 4 food platters $315
Tickets $37 each at door, food an optional extra on the night
Contact Allan at Consortium 4724 5122 or email manager@consortiumtownsville.com.au 

Will I be going? Well I’m a boring sad sod, what do you think?


The MC Michael Nelson from Barking Frog

Lindsay Webb

Paul Brasch

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