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G'day Bazel here! Townsville seems to have all these outstanding and very driven achievers- they are everywhere! I am NOT one of these high achievers- it’s an achievement for me to open the fridge, calculate the logistics of dinner preparation that doesn’t require cooking equipment and cleaning.  I would just like to say that Townsville seems to churn out winners. If it’s not Miss Universe contestants or the invention of some amazing and ground breaking scientific technique, it’s that we have some of the best sports people and athletes in the country and the world.
Dee Kirby
Dee Kirby is one of these high achievers and puts most men, sorry, MAJORITY of men to shame with her drive and fitness regime easily compared to Olympic athletes.
Third in the world in 2009 Dee is a highly competitive bodybuilder and a bloody good one at that. Chatting with Michelle McCracken over the past few weeks Michelle had met Dee through gym workouts and heard Dee talk about her dream of becoming number one. Michelle said "I saw how driven she was and I wanted to help out where I could." Michelle adds " I wanted help send her to the US and tell her story in our blog so hopefully the next time she won't find it as tough to raise the money, with more people offering to help. She is a great athlete and honours not only our town, but our country too". 

With a very long list of competition successes Dee has over a decade’s experience under her belt. Most recent accomplisments, 2007 through to 2011 Dee has come first place in over several major competitions including North Queensland Bodybuilding and figure championships, Powerzone Nutrition Championship, ANB Asia Pacific International, North Queensland Natural Body Building, WNBF World Natural body building federation Victoria Championships just naming a few and recently a second place in the Miss Olympia USA Renoneva Body Building competition in two categories.
Bodybuilding is an intensive muscle hypertrophy. (I had to look this up because I had no idea what that meant?) Muscle hypertrophy is an increase in the size of muscle cells which is completely different from muscle hyperplasia which is building new muscle. I’m feeling like an achiever already now.... yay!

Eugen Sandow
Ok, so bodybuilders display their physiques to a panel of judges, who assign points based on their appearance. As a bodybuilder you have to have- no fat (I’m out), tonnes of oil, buckets of tanning products and very good lighting to enhance the definition of the muscles. This is just the props; don’t forget the years of training, gruelling calorie count and the obscene focus one has to have to achieve this ‘absolute body’.
Some well-known bodybuilders are of course, good old Arnold Schwarzenegger but the “Father of Modern Bodybuilding” was Eugen Sandow. Eugen was a Prussian pioneering bodybuilder in the 19th century.  First he was just performing weight lift acts to the public for money in London, the organiser soon realised that the people were more interested in his muscle display than his strength. A star was born! Eugen appeared in films and then years later created the Institute of Physical Culture, an early gymnasium for bodybuilders in 1897. 1901 Saw him hold the first major bodybuilding contest at the Royal Albert Hall called the “Great Competition” which he was a judge of course.
Modern day bodybuilders today, like Dee Kirby have a passion for this sport that is so inspiring and when asked what she loves about the sport she says “it’s the satisfaction you get from working so hard and seeing the hard work pay off” adding “the sport is extremely motivating and it keeps you in top shape- I love doing it every day”.
3rd Place in the world 2009
The level Dee has risen to can take years to achieve but you can start to see improvement in only just 6weeks of training. Eating egg whites, oats and protein shakes every three hours and intensive gym training everyday is what you call commitment! Dee says “Hard work” is the only way you can achieve this type of level and a lot of dedication by the sounds too. Asked about the worst or best advice she has ever been given, Dee was quick to say “People will always take it upon themselves to give you their opinion and try and change your focus but what I’ve realised is that you should always go with your gut instinct. It’s good to listen but you should always go with your own direction”
Dee Kirby’s hero is a fellow bodybuilder and great friend Fabian Hyland. “He has helped me achieve great success with being my number one fan and supporter. Fabian helped me get to my level by believing that I could reach my goals, he saw my potential, and even helped me raise money through raffles to help get me over to my competitions”

What’s next for Dee? “I plan to go back overseas and get my Procard which allows me to compete on a professional level winning major money and gain good sponsors”
The sport can be a dog eat dog world with people being “very bitchy” Dee says. “But majority of competitions everyone is extremely friendly and supportive. These comps are very well run and my overseas visit proved to be one the most amazing experiences of my life- I can’t wait to go back and WIN!”
Dee Kirby’s favourite quote is when people wish her luck she’s quick to tell them “Luck is for losers, I’m a winner!”

Dee Kirby

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