Monday, 14 November 2011

Photo Ban

So The Consortium went off on Saturday night, the BeScene event was a success with over 300 attending and special guest DJ  LA Walker killing it on the decks! Kaine Constantine was on hand taking photos of all the peeps and happened to snap a WIGGLE!? Yes you’re reading right a couple of the Wiggles were burning up the dance floor in Consortium along with their entourage . Must see to believe!
Lyndsey Goriss, Anthony Field (Blue Wiggle), Michelle McCracken

Speaking of social pics I noticed there are no Consortium social pics in the Townsville Bulletin anymore. What’s going on there? And it just doesn’t stop with Consort; the Watermark seems to miss out too? So with that question, I did a bit of investigative digging...
A little bird tells me that the Bully had a bit of a grudge and no more photos were to be taken at these venues anymore. Come’on give them a far go!  In my opinion theses places rock and the people that frequent are just as photo worthy, so what gives? Apparently a letter circulated the Bulletin explaining that no photographer or journalist was to report on these venues (well good reports anyway)
Is this some personal vendetta? Speaking with some of the Bulletin staff they were told that this warning came from Watermark and Consortium management themselves that Bully staff were unwelcome to enter the venues. This is pretty much rubbish. Management and the McCracken’s themselves have no problem with any Bulletin staff coming in. They have never discouraged any photographers from taking photos in the venue so I’m glad we cleared that up.
I asked Michelle McCracken herself what the go was and she said “Some time ago our solicitor sent a legal letter to the Townsville Bulletin for “muckraking” which is printing false and misleading information. Nobody has ever banned The Bulletin staff from entering our venues”
Well apparently there’s a new editor at the Bully so no more Mr Sour Patch, hopefully this is a nice new fresh start and I look forward to seeing the Consortium and Watermark grace the social pages of the Bulletin once more... hoorah!

Kaine Constatine from be-scene

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