Friday, 18 November 2011

Pissed myself

Mark McConville
Hey sexy Sage here and what a  fun and very sarcastic evening it was at Consortiums Sit Down Comedy Night. The tables were set with fabulous food, I had my one very ‘restrained’ glass of red, plopped myself down and got very comfy- ready to be taken on by very funny hairy men. I made sure I was settled in the back row though. These larrikins don’t hold back with the audience, the comic pros are quick to pluck any weaklings from the borders! Picking them off one by one like frightened Gazelle and chopping them up with quick’s a hilarious massacre to see.    
Boy didn’t the clever Mark McConville dish it out to that poor woman front row! Hecklers don’t last long with these boys and Mark quickly sorted her out with some brutal and very sardonic slapstick straight to her face! It was all in good fun and she took the hits well.

I had turned all shades of embarrassment when Mark started to chat about the Blue Whales penis and cabbage looking vaginas....I was crying with fit of laughter!

Dave Callan
Then it was a quick break and the show continued with an Irish, bear-like bushmen swaggering on stage. Dave Callan has a presence that can only be described as a jolly invulnerability, a face 1000’s would trust (maybe it’s a Santa Claus thing?) and sarcasm as thick as Guinness. The high-light of the night was the break out dance sequence!  Full video on Consortiums Facebook friends page.
I can’t wait for the next instalment!
Here are a few pics from the night thanks to MDP photography

Kisses Sage x

Dave Callan, MC Michael Nelson Barking Frog, Mark McConville

Mark, Lyndsey, Dave, Michelle, Michael