Monday, 28 November 2011

Our Next Super Model Meets Alex Perry

This is a story about a fairytale that has become a reality for one gorgeous Townsville girl, Lucy Tuttiett. Remember this name because this down to earth 19 year old glamazon will be added to our Townsville beauty elite along with Rachel Finch and Jana Peterson. We sure do breed them well up here!
So I hear you saying, tell us more......
This non fictional tale starts with Once Upon A Time
In a faraway store called Bunnings, on another picture perfect day in the Ville, Michelle and Jarrod McCracken were scouring the isles for necessary hardware
From across the store Michelle spotted a blonde haired girl with an angelic face working the busy registers. Ushering along her customers, the leggy blondes smile was friendly and welcoming; her face lit up like a ray of sunshine, instantly making her more beautiful. Her presence and stance was tall as she graced the isle.
Michelle turned to Jarrod and said “that girl is gorgeous, I wonder if she’s ever modelled?” Adding “I think she should, look how tall she is!” Jarrod said “No she couldn’t be that tall, she must be standing on a platform” Michelle popped her heard around into the registers confined area and confirmed to Jarrod....”no platform!”
Michelle right then and there gave the gorgeous girl her phone number, because weeks prior the McCracken’s had locked in the famous Fashion TV Best Model competition at their upmarket nightclub The Consortium. Now the rest is history....
Lucy Tuttiet

Lucy won the local event “Best Model Search” and went onto grace the catwalk in the national final which was held on the gold coast. Lucy being one of the only entrants with no modelling experience she took out best catwalk model.
Lucy’s sights are set on the ‘Worlds Best Model” competition, flying to the chilly winter in Istanbul Turkey on the 1st of December 2011. She will represent Australia and go up against other beauties from around the globe.
Michelle say’s “Lucy is such a nice girl, I have a soft spot for her, I think she is not only beautiful, she is intelligent and far more mature than her 19 years, she has her head in the right place and I really want to see her do well”.
Michelle and Lucy have stayed in touch over the past few months. Making sure Lucy had the help needed, Michelle surprised Lucy with a trip to Sydney to find the perfect competition dress for the illustrious evening wear category. Michelle said “I wanted Lucy to look beautiful for the final, being at uni, her budget is minimal, so I made a phone call to one of Australia’s most influential designers, Alex Perry and a good friend that has an association within the fashion industry.
Wow, I could only imagine the anticipation and anxiety Lucy would have experienced the night before, knowing she was going to be fitted with an Alex Perry design. Like a kid in a candy store, moments like this don’t happen every day; it’s the stuff dreams are made of.
Speaking with Lucy, she said “I posted my excitement all over Facebook, I had only been to Sydney twice before for sporting events when I was younger. When we arrived Michelle and I checked into our hotel and literally hit the shops. The Sydney weather was pretty ordinary compared to sunny Townsville, but I was just so excited to see all the beautiful shops and amazing Christmas display’s it didn’t matter.”   
Michelle and Lucy not only made use of the superb retail opportunities but also the incredible dining that the Sydney area had to offer with Michelle arranging to eat at the well known Asian restaurant the East Ocean, where you can select unique seafood from large tanks. Lucy said “I’m such an animal lover, but I don’t mind eating them, I just hate knowing where they just came from and that they were alive 5minutes ago. The food was fantastic though. We then headed back to the hotel, content and ready for bed and an eventful day tomorrow.”
Lucy at the Strand Arcade
Walking into the Strand Arcade early the next morning the pair had stepped back in time. Pretty fairy lights and gorgeous Christmas displays circulated the corridors and railings, the charming shops laid out exquisite decorations glowing with old world feel - compliments of Alex Perry himself. You wouldn’t expect anything less.....
Upon entering Alex Perry’s boutique they were warmly greeted by Sarah, the store’s manager. Michelle says “Sarah was wonderful and far from the cold upper class treatment you would imagine, she was nothing but welcoming and down to earth.”
Sarah began the fun of fitting Lucy into a multitude of amazing dresses with many stylish and luxurious designs taken for a test drive, only one special dress could make the cut. You’ll just have to wait to see what Lucy surprises us with, when she takes to the stage in December. Michelle and Lucy both said “We would really like to thank Alex Perry, Josh Flinn and store manager Sarah for all their help, you guys rock!”  
Finally made it to Alex Perry's store
The pair then caught up with Michelles close friends for lunch in Bondi Junction. Michelle and Lucy even doing a little celebrity spotting! Sitting next to radio personality Jackio from the Kyle and Jackio show over lunch.
Alex Perry boutique
Next stop more shopping! Their next appointment lay in the eclectic Surry Hills with the clothing label BeBe.
Lucy’s winter wardrobe was in desperate need of an over haul. The Turkish winters are known for their 5 degree temperatures. Lucy says’ “The BeBe staff Natalie and Emmy were so lovely; they helped me out like you wouldn’t believe! Coming from Townsville, my winter wardrobe was nonexistent.” The girls spent hours trying on racks of new seasons winter woollies to take on Lucy’s travels. Their ‘Like’ pile grew, with all styles carefully considered and condensed for more suitable travel, Lucy’s favourites were decided. They then said their good bye’s and made their journey home the next morning.
Big thankyou to Marcella, Nat and Emmy from BeBe clothing.
Michelle had mentioned the amount of attention Lucy received from even walking down Sydney’s streets. Her 6ft stature and long gold hair makes her a stand out. Let’s hope the judges in Turkey think so too!
Now that’s a fairytale which I guarantee will end with a happy ever after
I wish her all the luck in the world

Love sexy Sage xx
Lucy and Michelle

Gorgeous Strand Arcade

Alex Perry Boutique- Manager Sarah showing Lucy some options

Hitting the shops!

Some amazing shoes

A very fabulous jacket by Bebe

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