Friday, 4 May 2012

Mr Trump I Presume?

Hello my CocoBongo lovely’s! What's one of the fastest ways to meet Mr Donald Trump? Winning Miss Universe Australia would certainly be one of the best ways to get you there! Our Townsville local, Lucy Tuttiett will have that chance to meet Mr Trump, with his full undivided attention!

 (Just quietly, I've always wanted to have a really close look at his hair)....any way

Lucy Tuttiett is officially now a Miss Universe Australia final contestant!!!

I remember writing my first story about Lucy "Remember this name" I said. The story began with Michelle and Jarrod McCracken spotting her at Bunning's working the cash register, which started that synonymous "is she standing on a crate?" question ha ha. So with Michelle's guidance and support Lucy began her journey into modelling.

Lucy won Best Body at the Best Model Australia contest which gave her the confidence to take on the universe. I'm very happy to report that Lucy has made it through with flying colours and is now on her way to Melbourne's national final 8th of June.

Lucy said "I'm extremely excited to have made it to the final and I feel very privileged to have this wonderful opportunity"

Miss Universe Australia is a national beauty pageant that selects a representative to travel to the international final to compete for that illustrious Miss Universe crown- over seen by the man himself Donald Trump. The contest has the capabilities to swing open any door you wish, with the event one the most competitive in the world.

Past Australian winners that have made us proud include Kerry-Anne Wells in 1972; Jennifer Hawkins in 2004 and a few Townsville ladies have come close, like Rachel Finch and Jana Peterson. Now it’s Lucy's turn.

23 finalists were painstakingly chosen out of hundreds of eager ladies. 7 were handpicked for the journey to Melbourne. The judges will have an arduous task finding who has got what it takes to represent Miss Universe Australia and its going to be tough! The contestants will be under a lot of pressure- days of clever questioning, outfit scrutiny and critiques of those tiny trim physiques will be the judge's main focus.

Lucy has been overwhelmed by all her support with Hills on Hollywood lending their exquisite gowns, making sure Lucy has the very best chance taking out that ultimate crown!

Lucy said "Hills on Hollywood have been amazing; the dresses have been absolutely gorgeous, I couldn't be happier with all their fantastic support"

I was interested to know what type of questions they asked contestant’s through-out these events. Lucy said she was happily surprised she got asked about what contributions she's made to the community, because charity is a big part of her life "I've been a supporter of many charities but one I chose to chat about was the big sister program for under privileged children, where I have donated a lot my time over the past few years. The Edmund Rice Foundation through St Vincent de Paul has been a charity very close to my heart, so was something I was passionate to talk about and explain my involvement to the judges"

She has many fans already, but of course her closest supporters being her family, Lucy's sister Anna, Mum Charmian, Dad Andrew, best mate Julia Sim and Lucy's boyfriend Sean have been relentlessly cheering her on through the whole journey. It's been an amazing few years for Lucy it's hard to believe she can still fit in sport and uni through her busy schedule- Lucy is one exceptional young women!!

Below are some stunning images I hope you enjoy. We look forward to the next instalment of Lucy's adventureJ

Kisses Sage x

Ps if you would like to be a special guest and support Lucy at the Melbourne final, tickets are $295.00. Seats don’t last long so get in quick!!

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