Saturday, 28 April 2012

And you thought Masterchef was a cooking competition

Well hello CocoBongo followers Bazel here, sorry it’s been a while. Ok, so who’s a fan of the reality TV Cooking shows? I’m not, but there I’ll be glued like 3 million other addicted Australian’s judging contestants on their controversial strategies, the conspiracy theories and loving the sick appeal their adventurous personalities have on me.  DAMN you!

Masterchef is one of those shows which is packed full of wannabes who mostly have no idea how to cook…. but alas this is the beauty of it!

Townsville will be exposed to a similar extravaganza but with a little more pizazz and way more fun! A little birdie told me that the Watermark is scouting Townsville’s next big thing in the cooking stakes. Secret Chef is your chance to compete in one cook off over five days with ten finalists shortlisted to duke it out in the Watermark kitchen. These lucky participants   will be judged by an expert panel of critics and also selected radio listeners to give ‘The People’s Choice Vote’

With enthusiasm for food and a combination of brilliant organising by the Watermark, 10 lucky entrants along with their recipes will be chosen to compete for $1,000 in cash and $2,000 in prizes proudly sponsored by 'The Good Guys and Fenwicks'. Not only will they win these great prizes but the winning dish will be named and showcased in the Watermarks new menu. 

Five lucky winners will be selected, a winner from each day of the week, will then be judged in the grand finale ‘Townsville Greatest Lunch’

One of the draw cards of this exciting project will be the Watermark giving the community a chance to have its say, using their taste bud skills not their cooking to join in the festivities. Not only will this be an opportunity for those eager foodies to taste but they will be able to judge the amazing food by simply booking themselves in to the ‘Secret Chefs Greatest Lunch’ and be a part of selecting the final five contenders.

You know, apart from being innovative and interactive, it’s also a chance to reflect the multicultural face of modern Australian food.  It could be Mum’s Greek heritage Moussaka recipe or that uncles Malaysian chicken inspired dish, it’s your chance to be a part of something bigger than your Grandma’s kitchen.

This challenge is a serious high pressure scenario but the pay-off I feel is worth the risk…

Don’t forget to call Lissa from the Watermark to submit your recipe or to book a seat for the Grand Finale.

Do you think you have the flare to win?

Don’t miss out guys to register visit

Cheers Bazel