Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Work Hard Play Hard

Hiya Sage here! It all started with an unexpected phone call......."Consortium staff you guys have all been doing a great job, pack your bags you're heading to Mission Beach!" I thought why the hell not, I'm not going to miss this!
10.00am Wednesday morning the Consortium crew met up as scheduled.
Before we knew it, we hit the road with startling parallels from the movie Cannonball Run ha ha we had four cars off up the high way with the first critical stop stocking up on the quintessential 'junk food' ready for the impending road trip (I'm such a sucker, using any excuse to label Dorado's, snakes and gallons of soft drink as an important food group) There's nothing like the anticipation of the open road, the fun ahead, no rules and no restrictions.....LOVE IT!

2nd stop. The lovely town of Ingham, ahhh the 'The Pub with no Beer' was fantastic for a cold beverage and a quick debriefing on the next stop. The next stop was a pub along the road of a seaside town called Cardwell and was the perfect location to meet the friendly locals.

Which who, quickly confirmed, that until meeting the Consortium crew they thought Yasi was the biggest storm that had passed through their wee small township;) Bringing some of that famous Consortium charisma, we had the entire pub in stitches and I would have to admit it was a refreshing change to the familiar pace of Townsville.

Then onto the gorgeous Mission Beach and what sensational weather it was! We were all booked in to a quaint place called Mackay Inn, right in the heart of Mission Beach, easy walking distance to all amenities and most importantly right amongst the bars!!! Now at this point of the trip I was very intrigued..... what exactly does Mission Beach have to offer...I did have my doubts?

Ok, so the weather was stunning, it was about time to get the 'kinis' on and start the party. It wasn't long and we were taking full advantage of the resorts rock pool with corona's and wine in hand (can’t help  but to have a cheeky perv too hehe) The sun shining, beautiful tropical surrounds, a pool and a cold drink (also that deafening Irish laugh!! AKA Kerry), all this was indeed a awesome surprise!

Michelle and Jarrod quickly got us moving to the next scene of the crime. A walk down the road to a cool little Island style bar along the beach called the Shrubbery. Michelle knew the owners Megs and Rod- these guys were legends! They took us in like the mischievous Townsville cousins that everyone has to put up with but will miss us when we leave. This place was subtropical at its best, peering through lush green foliage to the ultimate sandy beach just steps away.

We drank, dined on a selection canapĂ©'s and laughed so long and hard about a multitude of epic stories, I swear we solved the worries of the world a million times over until the sun took its last wave over the horizon.

All of us then strolled, or should I say, rolled, back up the road into the delightful cottage restaurant. We pretty much had the run of the place with the owner Barbra taking great care of the crew with the popular little restaurant booked out for just us. We had the spoils of a gorgeous dinner patiently waiting upon our arrival. I don't get this often: an eclectic atmosphere and irresistible was spot on! We were genuinely blown away at what Barbra and her chefs had prepared. They had out done themselves and honestly not what I was expecting for such a secluded place.

So anyway, over dinner Jarrod got up and gave a speech (OMG what is this larrikin going to say) But when Jarrod began to explain about the great significance of every ones roles at Consortium it was actually really inspirational, I don't need to tell you what he said, but everyone was very humbled by the appreciation.

Then there was Chris the DJ's speech.....

Well, this was definitely motivational, with Chris standing up, raising his glass and yelling "let's all get shit faced!!"

It all got pretty loose after that. My boarding school days surfaced, with beds being short sheeted, toads waiting in ambush under the covers for unsuspecting crew members and palm leaf props used as imitation peacock dances? Hilarious stuff!
The evening was ended with the surfer- style beach bomb fire to the very wee small hours!!
So much fun.....and I would like to put out a big thank you to Jarrod and Michelle for the trip to Mission Beach
It was good to get the band back together!
Kisses Sage x

The Cannonball Run!!!

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