Thursday, 10 May 2012

Drunk on Music

G'day CocoBongo followers its Bazel here and a little bird told me that the accommodation around Townsville was left few and far between with out of towners booking months prior to the Groovin the Moo long weekend. I know I was bloody stuck in the bumper to bumper traffic Monday morning....

This epic festival was a huge success, it  boasts a massive cash injection into the Townsville economy and it seems to be growing every year

Sage couldn't WAIT to tell me about her marathon weekend. The atmosphere at Consortium hitting ridiculous levels, the club punched on with full capacity- carrying the party through three exciting nights! Their biggest weekend to date!

Level 7 started the weekend off Friday night with New Zealand international RNB artist Swiss. Also, I've been noticing quite a few of the footy players coming out to play with Friday night football bringing the St George and Cowboys players back to the club.

Jarrod McCracken called in and met his old team mates and some of the new players for a drink. Sage explained to me that Jarrod tried to justify to the boys why he was leaving at a decent hour. Jarrod had a early morning football game to attend, with his youngest son Tahnay playing in the Gordon Tallis cup. Well, by the sounds as soon as the big Del Wendel Sailor heard this all bets were off and there were no excuses! So from what I hear the boys stayed out till the wee small hours running amuck. (and yes Jarrod still managed to make his sons six games....suffering quietly so I'm told ha ha)

Congratulations guys!
(Also a big shout out to Tahnay McCracken's football team "Tigers Black under 10's" won the Gordon Tallis cup with nearly 40 teams from around the region competing for the victory. A big congratulations and a big cheer to Ryan their coach for helping them make it possible. Good on-ya boys!)

So we move on to Saturday night where Consortiums VIP lounge was the ultimate setting for Club Evolves Pink Party. The drag queens put on a spectacular show with Chanielle, Vixen and Trinity rocking the crowd all the way from Sydney. They never cease to amaze with their vivid collaborations and infectious fun. Sage said that everyone there really enjoyed themselves and can't wait for the next instalment.
Jarrod with RNB artist Swiss

(Hey and don't forget the "Queens Ball" long weekend it is a massive night and one not to be missed, this is the weekend those infamous Lady Ga Ga tickets will be drawn. So don't miss it and dress crazy it's the "QUEENS BALL")

Last but not least... it was finally Silly Sunday- GROOVE IN THE MOO!

14,000 revellers hit the festival ready to party. Only festival goers will know what I'm talking about when I say that the atmosphere down within those dirty beats gave you goose bumps! The music just seared straight through was amazing stuff.

Groovin the Moo
Consortium hosted the Official Groovin the Moo After Party. Of course it soaked in perfectly with Consortium's Foam Party with upstairs hosting the VIP preview lounge for those who didn't want to get slippery!

The headlining artists were really down to earth mingling with the VIP patrons- acts like 360, Public Enemy, Hill Top Hoods and Blue Juice all at Consortium lounge upstairs. Sage (who was little monster by this stage) said all the bands and DJ's commented on how they really enjoyed the night and have Consortium firmly set in their sights for the next visit.

To be honest the venue excelled again and really stood up to its name CONSORTIUM NO 1.

Michelle, Jarrod and Management passed a message on to me.....

"Thanks to everyone who came into Consortium over this wonderful weekend and thank you to all our staff who worked so hard."

So, I hear from Sage, Michelle and Jarrod gave you all a bonus and took you all out for dinner at Cactus Saloon........hello what about me?????

Cheers Bazel

Dan Hunt St George and Tariq Sims Cowboys

Some of the Hilltop Hoods

Public Enemy and crew with local DJ Scotty

Some of the Public Enemy crew

The Consortium Team Cactus Saloon

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