Thursday, 1 December 2011

Crusty Demon Comes to Consortium

Bazel here and The Consortium Townsville is a very lucky club indeed. Friday the 9th of December a very special guest will be dropping in to say G’day. Seth Enslow is the star of the legendary Crusty Demons. Not only famous for breaking bones but the American stunt man also breaks records. The world renowned stunt junkie and motorcycle enthusiast made his first appearance in the film Crusty Demons of Dirt, showcasing the underground motocross movement out in the deserts of the US.  Seth’s notoriety for over jumping sand dunes and crashing hard quickly spawned a sequel and was one the first bike riders to receive sponsors without having a racing career.

Seth Enslow
With a multitude of record attempts over the last few years it wasn’t until 2010 Seth blitzed Bubba Blackwell’s Harley-Davidson world record jump of 157ft (47metres).  Seth’s death defying stunt was held at our own Sydney harbour, easily beating the record with a 55metre jump which was recreated from the unforgettable Evel Knievel Harley-Davidson jump in 1975. (I actually read somewhere that Seth had to jump this twice as the media missed the first jump oops!)
Seth has some of the worst injuries I’ve ever heard of! Coming down from a jump he impaled himself with his motorbikes handle bar. Tearing out Seth’s Spleen and 11inches of intestine. He had lost so much blood they had to resuscitate him back to life. He can’t remember how many bones his broken but he was hit in the head with a helicopter (Huey H model military chopper) tearing his frontal lobe from his skull, snapping his ACL, and separating his shoulder. This guy can’t even hold a drivers licence due to his seizures from accidents causing brain damage!? WTF

So if you’re a fan and would like to meet Seth, get some autographs and have a chat here’s your chance!

Cheers Bazel

Scars from his helipoter encounter

Scar left from being impaled from his mortorbike handle

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