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The Body

Lucy Tuttiett
Hi lovely CocoBongo followers it's Sage here. Movie stars and royalty have graced its guest list along-side big names like Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Gaultier and Naomi Campbell. This calibre of attendees can only scream prestige. Called “Paris of the Orient” Best Model World is one of those life changing events that can make one lucky girls dream come true.
One of these lucky contenders was our local girl Lucy Tuttiett. Winning Best Model Australia Lucy was whisked off for a week long adventure to the finals in Istanbul Turkey.
I got the chance to ask Lucy a few questions about her amazing trip

What was your fitness routine leading up to the competition?
“I upped my exercise to twice a day. I did swimming in the morning and Castle Hill in the afternoon”

Were you given any pearls of wisdom before your trip?
“Michelle McCracken is always great for advice! She helped me prepare all my outfits and gave me pointers. Jana Peterson who also represented Best Model 2006 gave me some great competition advice which was also a great help me too”

Klassis Resort Istanbul Turkey
Where did you stay in Istanbul and what was your first impression?
“I stayed at the Klassis Resort Hotel one hour out of Istanbul, it was amazing! My first impression of the city was ‘Wow why aren’t these cars indicating?’ The traffic coming out of the airport was insane, but the buildings architecture was amazing”

How many girls competed with you and who was your favourite?
“There were 33 girls altogether. We were arranged in order of height and I was number 32, meaning there was a girl actually taller than me! My favourite country that I thought would win, was a beautiful girl from Venezuela. She was amazing and would have made the perfect winner. She got 2nd runner up, Turkey got 1st runner up and Columbia won. I was proud and won 'Best Physics' Category (pronounced Physique in Aussie) So all that hard work up Castle Hill paid off."

What was the standard of dress/fashion sense like?
“The standard of dress was amazing! The girls wore heels and nice dresses or funky outfits every day. I thought it was going to be freezing, so I brought long pants and long tops and definitely wasn’t the most stylish there- awkward!”

Tell us about your national costume
“My national costume was a dress from Jadelle designs which was symbolic of Aboriginal art. It was a beaded dress that had formations similar to dotted Aboriginal artwork.”

Lucy with Joe Davidson National Costume
Were you happy with all your outfits?
I was happy with all my outfits, I was fortunate to have many lovely outfits given to me to wear over the event. I had a stunning red dress picked by Alex Perry for my final show but the event organises changed last minute and we all had to wear dresses made by a local Turkish designer. Mine was a lovely white dress by Gizia and I got to wear my Alex Perry gown for the VIP after party.

Were there many activities for the competitors leading up to the final night?
“We went into the city and participated in a traditional Turkish bath called the Hummum. Each girl was also given a traditional Turkish dress to wear and we put on a fashion show in the local mall. Many people wanted photos with the tall girls in the beautiful gowns. This was televised on Fashion One Tv."

What was your overall opinion of the competition?
My overall opinion was a positive one. I had a fantastic time meeting so many people from so many countries. I have many new friends and a bank of experiences that I will never forget. I just wish that we got to showcase the dresses we wore in the final show rather than in our own show the night before. However, I would relive that week again in a heartbeat, it was awesome”

What’s next for Lucy?
Who knows but I might try my luck with Miss Universe next year and see where that takes me. I will take whatever comes my way”
Lucy: Winner of Best Physics 'The Body'
new Russian friend Kate

Makeup and hair

Swimwear Section

Alex Perry Dress

Turkish Design by Gizia

Australian National Dress by Jedelle Designs

National dress China

National dress Argentiania

National dress Venezuela

As a side note I did a bit of investigative snooping on this Best Model World and came across their interesting website. Since they started the site in 2001 a strange pattern of winners has occurred. Six out the eleven winners have been Turkish? Wow, that’s some pretty good odds.....
Thankyou Lucy for giving CocoBongo your time and these fantastic images from your wonderful journey- we wish you all the best in all your endeavours. I have no doubts in my mind we’ll see more of you very soon!
Kisses Sage x
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