Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas is Cancelled

Christmas is starting to feel like this lately.....
Bazel here and I have a question: is it Christmas? I mean, you wouldn’t know it from the complete lack of Christmas decorations around the city. There’s a few great displays in Greenwood Estate and Bamford Lane but what about everywhere else?
What about New Years Eve? Most towns or cities have a fireworks display to showcase their city to its full potential. Brisbane has the Southbank, Sydney displays its Harbour, Melbourne shows off the Yarra and Townsville has chosen Reid Park, which showcases ZIPP. Why Reid Park? Where the hell is Reid Park? What was wrong with our amazing Strand? This is so disappointing.....
I have noticed the spirit of Christmas in Townsville is almost nonexistent this year. Is the City Council staging a Christmas rebellion or are they just too damn cheap? Unlike other towns and cities that have thoughtful Christmas lights and displays dotted throughout, Townsville’s effort is dismal by comparison. Within our new Mall the town’s poignant Christmas tree is a representation of the city’s heart and Christmas spirit. My god, if that tree represents Townsville’s spirit then we are one very depressed group of people to say the least. What a joke!

The Strand: Previous position of NYE fire works
Reid Park where our fire works will be held this year? YIPPY!
Around our great city seems to be darkness, what happened to making it feel like Christmas? Are we all too busy to remember the excitement of the silly season? It shouldn’t matter there’s not a thousand presents under the tree, it’s that the tree is decorated waiting for that glorious 25th day of December along with that fuzzy feeling the festive day brings. 
I remember when your local town would flaunt its pavement with a legion of decorations. Houses in your street highlighted their balconies with pretty lights or a glowing Santa to illuminate those lonely suburban windows. I don’t know, but Christmas this year seems tired....
I know the GFC has hit, but it doesn’t take much to put a smile on a person’s face by placing a few lights and displays here and there to get us into the spirit. This small gesture can go a long way with making everyone feel good about being in Townsville for Christmas.
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Cheers Bazel
Flinders Mall Christmas decorations....It's just so Christmassy!

Wow! just lovely

Oooh this is spectacular!