Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas at the Watermark

Hello Sage here! This heat has been oppressive the last few days....arrgh it’s putrid stuff. I wanted to share with you a few pics from Christmas day at the Watermark which was just an absolute delight. The menu was conservative, which at first, was a concern of mine but when the meals made their entrance, I was pleasantly surprised. The boys in the kitchen really love details- specially those killer desserts!

100 people enjoyed the afternoon view with great wine and indulgent festive food within the cool crisp restaurant. Even Santa himself came to surprise the kids with presents, loaning out his number one side kick “Elf Hannah” to help out in the kids play corner, keeping the little guys entertained for hours with fun activities.

Hope everyone’s Christmas day was as indulgent as ours. Now, what are we doing for New Years?

Kisses Sage x

Elf Hannah helping out with some fun activities

Santa giving out some exciting presents 

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