Friday, 12 October 2012


Hi Sage here, well here's some pretty interesting reading.

This fascinated me, so thought I would share it with my readers.

After a sickening career ending neck injury, during a game some years ago, ex international football star Jarrod McCracken has recently decided to shape up for, 'Fight For Life'.

Image sourced from Channel Nine News
Marcus Bai & Stephen Kearny spear tackle Jarrod McCracken
Just some trivia that people may not know....... is that when Jarrod, 'Crackers' as they called him, broke his neck all those years ago, whilst captaining the West Tiger's against the Melbourne Storm in Melbourne, the real story the media failed to elaborate on was this............
Some players pay an injury insurance, especially one's that are earning big money, it's like any business, you take out insurance.

When Jarrod broke his neck, his career ended suddenly and the money stopped. He had a young family and mortgages like anyone else and he not only broke his neck, the illegal tackle caused severe damage to his central nervous system, that would literally and physically make him sick for years after. In the first few months, his wife Michelle would help him out of bed, he would lean on her and she would help him to the car to drive all over Sydney to find a Doctor that could assist in helping Jarrod on the road to recovery.

Two players, Marcus Bai and Stephen Kearny, were accountable for the illegal spear tackle and the media portrayed that Jarrod filed a lawsuit against the players, this was not the case. It was against the Melbourne Storms' insurance company: CGU, but here's what really astounded me......
The trial was heard 6 years on from the initial critical tackle. When the court decision was handed down as to whether or not Jarrod would receive any type of compensation, the judges findings in plain and simple terms, was that Jarrod 'won' the case.
Now here's the strange part....... although his honor had no doubt the tackle ended Jarrod's career and insurance was paid against such injuries, his honor noted that Mr McCracken had done well for himself financially in the years after the incident, therefore he didn't think he was entitled to compensation. He did however award him the ninety thousand dollars that would cover his legal costs for the case..........
So if Jarrod McCracken had of become a bummed out looser with no money, an alcoholic, or his wife and kids left him, the judge may have awarded him what he was really entitled….
Go figure that one out......

What ever happened to 'award credit where deserved'?

Well years have passed and Jarrod is still initiating success, in more ways than one......

Carlos Spencer, Jarrod McCracken's rival at this years Fight For Life
During his football day's, opposition envisaged sheer and brutal force when taking to the field and having to shape up to this Kiwi born beast. He played hard and mean, he was tough and wasn't out to make friends during a game...........Will this be the case when he crosses the Trans Tasman and heads back to the land of the long white cloud?  'Crackers' will step into a boxing ring against one of New Zealand's most famous greats, Rugby All Black player Carlos Spencer?
Jarrod McCracke
Jarrod McCracken during his time with the West Tigers

On the 15th of December 2012 New Zealand will play host to the annual celebrity event "Fight for Life", a boxing charity event which chooses to raise money for 'mens prostate cancer'. It is one event that draws millions of viewers through pay TV and has now become the highest 'pay to view' sporting event in New Zealand and is also aired to pay TV viewers around the world.

This fantastic colosseum like event, only difference being clothed well catered for tables, is held at 'The Trust Stadium’, which will house 5,000 lucky enough to attend spectators. They will cheer on some of the sporting greats mightiest athletes. This dazzling night rolls out the red carpet for the 'who's who' and also display's copious amounts of live entertainment. A night definitely not to be missed… if you can afford a table that is in the price range of above $10,000 for a table of 10.
Well to all of our readers. There is a chance to get yourself and a friend onto a ringside table for this amazing night, with accommodation and airfares included.........
Last years Fight For Life 2011 event
Jarrod is holding a 'gentleman's luncheon' on the 23rd of November at the Watermark Restaurant at 12pm. There will be special guest speakers, ringside waitresses, raffles and auctions. One of the items being auctioned on the day will be the trip to NZ to attend the 'Fight for Life' event. The highest bidder will be heading across the Tasman for the night of all nights, so if you would like to make a bid on this amazing trip, you can attend the event or call the Watermark on the day to place your bid at around 2pm Queensland Australia time. +61 7 4724 4281. Credit card payment will be accepted on the day of bidding.
All money raised will go to the Charity 'Fight For Life' for Men's Prostate Cancer.

Tickets for the luncheon are $120..........

Let's all help Jarrod and do what we can to help stamp out Men's Prostate Cancer.
Jarrod would like to dedicate this to his Father Ken McCracken and to a good friend and father like figure George Flemming.

So special...... love to all Sage xx