Friday, 7 September 2012

Who wants these tickets?? Cowboy's v Bronco's

Bazel here,

Sometimes I get so excited to let my Cocobongo readers know we have something pretty cool to give away……

.. Soooo hellooooo are you ready to gooooo???

 I know one thing for sure, we are here at CocoBongo and Sage, ' this weekend you beta shake what your mama give ya girl! ‘This weekend is going to be huge!! Not only have our Mighty North Queensland Cowboys been kicking some serious butt lately. They have made it to the first elimination final, but even better than that…….it's against the arch rival Queensland team, 'The Brisbane Bronco's and it's right here in our gorgeous, tropical Townsville City this Saturday night the 8th of September. ALSO… it will be showcased in front of a complete sell-out crowd, so if you wanted to go, well so did the other 50,000 odd people who couldn't jag themselves a ticket…..

BUT…….GUESS WHAT??…..Cocobongo totally rocks it again……WE HAVE 2 DOUBLE PASSES TO GIVE AWAY thanks to Consortium and their wonderful alcohol supplier Diageo, who supplies us with the likes of our Smirnoff Vodka and Bundaberg Rum just to name a couple.

 SO……..if you would like to go, or you know someone who wouldn't want to miss, what will be heart stopping entertainment and you seriously want to cheer on our very own ' North Queensland Cowboys,' for what will shape up to be one of the most brutal battles of the year.

THEN……you need to register your name and say ' GO COWBOY'S ' on Coco Bongo's face book page by 6pm today Friday the 7th of September. The winner's will be announced and sent a message after 6pm…..SO GOOD LUCK!!! Some other stuff you need to know…….

DID YOU KNOW ?……..This year’s grand final is on Sunday the 30th of September and better still the Monday is a public holiday, we have to be ecstatic about that, because normally we hate Monday's.
Consortium have told us that they will be broadcasting the game live on their absolutely 'gynormous' screen. (I know there's no such word but it sounds good) Everyone's welcome! Tables and chairs will be set up in the downstairs bar, with the kick-off is at 5pm so everyone organise your crew and lock it in now because it will be the next best thing if you can't make the Grand Final.
There will be a BBQ on the deck and plenty of cold beer. You can give Lyndsey or Michelle a call to book an area or for more info on – (07) 4724 5122

Aussie's just love final's footy? We hold high hopes for our individual team to make the top eight line up. I'm hoping my beloved Cowboys can make the Grand Final and what I would love more, is if they held it here in ' The Ville ' because I never get out of my den, to get my sorry backside onto a plane to go anywhere.
Although there was a compromise…..and when it was announced, you can imagine my excitement to hear that the New Zealand and Australia test match was to be held here in Townsville on Saturday the 13th of October.
I also heard a little rumour that Ex New Zealand Captain Jarrod McCracken and Consortium Club owner will be special guest speaker for the Kiwi's official pre match dinner! The long-time rivalry between Australia and New Zealand has been fierce and even though we love Jarrod, I'll be proudly sporting the Aussie flag at Consortium on the day with beer in hand. Oi Oi Oi

So these are the dates you need to lock in -
Saturday 8th Sept Brisbane Bronco's and North Queensland Cowboy's
Sunday 30th September NRL Grand Final
Saturday 13th October Australia and New Zealand Test Match

The top eight teams to make this year’s 2012 Rugby League Grand Final are –
Melbourne Storm, Manly Sea Eagles, Cronulla Sharks, Canberra Raiders, North Queensland Cowboys, Brisbane Bronco's, South Sydney Rabbito's and Canterbury Bulldogs

Cocobongo's pick that will play in the 2012 Grand Final….. if I had to pick… would be the two most in form teams -
The Mighty Canterbury Bulldogs and The infamous Melbourne Storm.
If somebody asked me to pick a long shot, I would say Russell Crowes Beloved South Sydney Rabbito's….. BUT….go you Cowboys and prove me wrong.

Also we all know Brian Smith has recently been sacked as the Sydney Roosters coach recently and is a possible start, to head over the shores to the Auckland Warriors. Let’s wish Brian well and when it comes the time that the Auckland Warriors may make it close to making a GF, lets hope the Warriors official’s sideline Brian Smith’s brainstorming, last minute decisions and then hopefully he may just win a victorious grand final.

I do hope the Rooster’s pick their new coach, being the likes of someone who is well respected, can lead a team and coach.

There was a whisper Jim Dymock and Jason Taylor were possibilities.

I must say Jim Dymock would put Jason Taylor to Shame. The Roosters, like I said need a leader and a respected coach and I do doubt Jason Taylor can provide what is needed.

Now something totally different…….We all know our darling Sage is more the fashionister, so Sage has told me this weekend in Townsville she is looking forward to a huge announcement and media launch that will be held at the gorgeous Watermark on the Strand at 4pm this afternoon. Townsville's media will be there to capture the announcement and formalities of the Mercedes Benz sponsored Townsville Fashion Festival that will be yet another amazing event to be held here in our ever evolving city on the 25th - 28th of October 2012.


It will showcase everything fashion and like always, after all the hard working facilities of those few days are over, Consortium will host the VIP after party with all the designers, model's sponsor's and Townsvillian's wanting to glam up and head to this wonderful occasion at 6pm on Sunday the 28th October upstairs at Consortium and sponsored on the night by Chambord…. Sage's beloved French liqueur.
If you can manage to score yourself an After Party, Fashion Post Card, it will give you free entry in on the night. So make sure you head to one of the events the Fashion Festival will be hosting over those few days, or again call Lyndsey or Michelle for more info
Look out for This Image Printed on Fashion Festival Post Card for your entry into the Consortium After Party on 28th Oct

Also Sage also tells me that on Saturday night at Consortium it is going to be bulging to capacity, the night kicks off with Townsville's first ever Club Zumba Party at 9.30pm to 10.30pm. So if you’re anything like Sage she will be shaken her ass and rostering on to the dance floor, until the wee small hours of the morning. Apparently the club has had calls for copious amounts of functions for Saturday night and with the Cowboy's Bronco's game in town, Consortium sounds like it will be banging once again. So to all have a fantastic and safe weekend and enjoy whatever you get up to.

Cheers til next time Bazel