Monday, 12 November 2012


That's right..... NEVER GIVE UP...........all to often people have an excuse as to why they 'can't' do it, or an excuse as to why something 'didn't' work.

Here's a bit of  Cocobongo motivation and advice I love.....

All of us need to set certain goals, have a plan and stick to it....

You may want to loose weight or you may want to start a new venture, what ever it is I always find certain things in one way or another make that huge difference.

1. You need to be strong in the head, the mind is the most powerful thing and is the number 1 answer to any success.

2. Always be positive, never negative, stay away from or ignore negativity.

3. Another thing I find that goes a long way, is being polite to people, treat people with respect and how you would want to be treated and accept criticism, positively and constructively.

4. Always be honest with yourself..... and others, or it will come back to haunt you in one way or another.

5. If you need to change a certain habit, or may need to look at what your doing, your surrounds, the people around you and this is when you need to make the decision to change it and set your goals.

.....and my favourite one of all, unlike all the ones above.......

6. Bite, kick, scratch and do what ever it takes to get where you want to go!!!!


Here's some pic's of goals that have surrounded us here at Cocobongo this past year in one way or another and have been achieved, or on their way to being achieved - We really do surround ourselves with success here and I am a strong believer in the saying....Things always happen for a reason, at the time you wonder, why did this happen, or you may not think it good, but if you turn it around and focus on the positives you will usually always look back and know it has been beneficial in some strange way, it's how we learn and evolve!!

Goal - The start of the new Gold Revolver Dancers - Just some teasers for 2013

Goal - Maximus trains hard to win Townsville's Hottest Male Body takes home cash and prizes and also gains himself a photo shoot with well known magazine photographer Denis Dwan

Goal - Football Legend Jarrod McCracken shapes up to raise money for charity! The celebrity "Fight for Life" event will see Jarrod step into the boxing ring against another all time great Carlos Spencer.

Goal - The gorgeous Lucy Tuttiet to enter Worlds Best Model and Miss Universe. She achieves a tittle of Worlds Best Body and 3rd runner up in Miss Universe.

Goal - Tigers Centrals to win the under 10's Grand Final ( which they did ) and to one day grow up and play for Australia like their idol - the great James (Jimmy) Tamou
Goal - To take a select crew from loyal Consortium Staff on a trip to the World Famous White-Haven Beach in the Whitsunday's - Was a fantastic trip I think all will remember for ever.
An amazing day on White Haven

Goal - To be able to entertain like these performers we've had here at the Consortium - Learn to Juggle, or sing like Australian idol singer "Johnny Ruffo" and Aria Chart sensation "Zoe Badwii", or have an unusual edge like well known" DJ Kitty Glitter", or be one of the awesome "Fire Flies" and do amazing shows with fire, or entertain with glow Hula Hoops like our gorgeous 'Monica Bown' or maybe even go and learn to be a gymnast......anythings achievable

Goal - To start and make successful the new cutting edge design of "Rambutan" coming 2013

Goal - Was to do a 12 week Lyndsey Green Goriss Challenge to loose weight get fit and for some like Sally below to be able to walk to the top of Castle Hill. What a wonderful achievement considering if you read her Fb post Sally stuggled to walk to the corner store 11 weeks ago and now she has conquered Castle Hill and also lost 20kg's.....Don't give up Sally more people should be looking at you for inspiration.
Goal - Sunday morning to meet in the car park and run, walk Castle hill depending on your level of fitness, once at the top, it's dips, stairs, a rewarding cold drink, a view out over another picture perfect day in Townsville's and the best feeling of all knowing you got to the top

Goal - Next time maybe a trip to Sydney to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge walk
Goal - To create your own paradise - but knowing when to give it up , there is always something bigger and better around the corner

Goal - These Townsville beauties gave the "Miss Hawaiian Tropics" Competition a run for it's money

Goal - Well this one we're not sure about ??????