Wednesday, 11 July 2012

V8 Madness Week!!!

Hiya sexy sage here, 

It's been a while my gorgeous CocoBongo peeps! 

My fellow mate Bazel has left his den to embark on a new escapade and things have been uncontrollably hectic around here, especially leading up to the roar of the Townsville 400 V8 supercars. 

BUT.... I have managed to gain enough energy to crawl to the computer to fill you all in.
Lucky I'm not an 'on air reporter', because my voice is hoarse and I temporarily sound like a man from screaming over the top of crowds, music and the deafening excitement of the past 5 day bender this crazy Townsville City entailed.
5 days, I hear u question? ....Well yes!
It all started Wednesday night, the Watermark showcased the, 'sit on the edge of your seat', State of Origin decider on their big screen. QLD scraping in with a crunching one point win to enable yet another notch to their long running victory.
Watermark State of Origin spectators were slapped with excitement when the unannounced arrivals of V8 Supercar drivers turned up to also watch the game. The likes of James Courtney, Garth Tander and Mark Skaife, cheered on and enjoyed the game, blending into the Watermark atmosphere chatting to the McCracken crew at the bar and other fellow V8 fraternity. Pretty much these boys were relaxing before the start of the V8 madness the next four days would bring. ......So that was the start of my disintegrating vocal cords.'

If you are a local, you probably couldn't help but notice the hype of activity that surrounded the streets, they were abuzz with V8 fever. Sponsored signage supported many a venue which helped add that extra impact and restaurants, accommodation and shops overflowed.  How anybody would not want to support the Supercars and embrace the revenue and thrill it brings to Townsville over the few days is beyond me. 
Rick & Todd Kelly signing on behalf of Jack Daniels at The Watermark

Thursday night was the infamous Watermark, 'yearly', Jack Daniel's meet and greet and autographed signings by the legendary Kelly Brothers, which seen the boys stay on to enjoy a well-deserved dinner in the beautiful Watermark Restaurant, where apparently I was informed the majority of 'who's who' dined over the hectic few days.  .....Of course they did, that's nothing unusual, with the restaurants to die for food and mesmerising view and atmosphere, especially if you're from down South, you could really appreciate the weather and the al fresco dining in comparison.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday out at the track was entertaining. If you happened to visit the pumping Consortium Marquee, you would have noticed the Consortium dancers dressed in there V8 get-ups. 
They did a fantastic job of cooing guests on their podiums and dancing to DJ Slims base stomping tunes that could be heard for miles, but did anyone happen to see the funniest 2 guys get up and have a dance off to LMFAO "Sexy and I know it"? I did! and they definitely pulled a crowd. 

Track goers reached for their cameras in hysterics. The dance off ended with both of them sporting nothing but there undies. I must say, you couldn't have paid for that entertainment, it was gold! 

Although the excitement of the main race was embraced by all when the two Vodafone cars driven by Jamie Whincup and followed by Craig Lowndes crossed the finishing line one a breast to greet the fall of the checkered flag. 

This year at the track I really noticed the set up and I must say if you think it's only a time for the big kids, you are sadly mistaken. Every child I spoke to was having a blast, they were definitely well catered for.
(Photos: Left; Cheronne Fuller, winner of the Coldplay tickets with V8 Driver Johnathon Webb
Right; V8 Driver James Courtney)

I have even come to the conclusion that V8 weekend would be more enticing by making it a Townsville long weekend.

Winner of the first key - Ryan Hamilton
Do I hear your cheers of appreciation?

I tell you, for me.......
I do declare...... after heading out to the track day after day, then heading out to Townsville's No1 club, 'Consortium' Saturday night to try and grab myself the first key to win the funky ford fiesta, trying to cope with all the excitement and suspense the night brought.....and then having to back it all up again on the Sunday night to partake in the antics and fun of the 100 Proof Official After Party, that was more fun than I recall!! 

Schick Girls were a hit at the V8's as well as Consortium
I, along with the majority, need a holiday to recover on the Monday and if anybody has found my voice, can you please hand it in to the lost and found! :)

All my love to a fantastic weekend and my new found friends.
I love V8's!!!!
See you all there next year!!!!
Lots of Love, Sage XoXo


P.S!!! Don't forget to party with us this Friday and Saturday night for another two opportunities at getting your hands on a key for a chance to win the Funky Ford Fiesta! Your odds of winning this car are too good to be true. This car WILL drive out Consortium doors with its new owner behind the wheel, this is NOT a gimmick!

Mark Skaife V8 Driver enjoying the State of Origin with Brodie & her fellow QLD supporter at The Watermark.

DJ Tim Torque on the Decks for Club Rev
Miss Grid Girl Winner for the Townsville 400 - Melanie Bragg