Friday, 27 July 2012

Mystery Launch Party Unveiled in Time for the Race Day Bonanza !!!

Hi sexy Sage and Bazel here.....'Well things just never seem to slow down, do they?'
The calendar days just keep flicking over. Can you believe it's the end of July already?? 
"I guess before we know it, we will have to start thinking about organising a kick arse Festive Christmas Party very soon.

......But hang on, rewind....We need to fill you in on the past few weeks that involves our crazy lives here at CocoBongo!
We have been told Ex Channel 7 news reporter Melissa Mallet, has jumped on board to be the new Public Relations Manager for the McCrackens and the Watermark.  Melissa was dismissed from Channel 7 for something she felt very strongly about.  She asked if she could begin her scheduled week's leave a day early to attend the announcement of the Australian Mens Olympic Basketball team in Melbourne.
Her boyfriend PC, Peter Crawford, was named in the team that day - and is representing Australia in London as we speak. Go Aussies!!! 'No' was Channel 7's answer ...but after days of thinking about it - Mel decided her place was in Melbourne and went without proper approval - and we hear she even worked remotely and did her duties from down there!! But the 7 Queensland chief in Maroochydore blew up… BUT Mel has since moved on to embrace new experiences, new challenges and see where her ambitious attitude will take her next.
So...'Wooohoo Team Melissa', best of luck!

.....There is one company that comes to mind at the moment, who will not be seeing any pressure from the global financial crisis anytime soon.  Red Bull has recently launched it's three new flavours. Cranberry, Blueberry and Lime.
Australia's 'secretive' release date was mid July.  Venues around Australia were selectively chosen by Red Bull to have exclusivity rights to sell and discreetly promote the three new flavours for a six week  period, 'the Red Bull way.'  For those of you who don't know, Red Bull follow strict promotional
policies.  You cannot use their logos, you cannot promote it as a Red Bull launch party.  You can not advertise it on air, tv....nothing!!! Its pretty much put it in your fridge and sell it.
We are pleased to say Consortium, Townsville's No1 club, was honorably one of the few and the ONLY venue or retail outlet in Townsville to launch their product.  Using a clever marketing strategy they held a 'Mystery Launch Party' they dressed their promo girls up with wings which represents their slogan, 'Red Bull gives you wings and coloured wigs, which resembled the three new flavours and their colour coded cans. We trained up our staff 
 and to our amazement.... and Red Bulls, we are very proud to say, The Consortium with the help of our wonderful Townsville patrons have so far smashed the record on its new release!  Well done everyone and if you haven't yet tried it, it's amazing!  So head down to the Consortium.
Also don't forget the Funky Ford Fiesta promotion is well into the final count down, with 8 lucky key holders now.
"You know if I had a chance to jag myself one of those keys, I would be ecstatically beside myself and the suspense would be killing me. I'm looking forward to the 11th of August just to capture the look on the winners face and the sorrow of......
 'I nearly had a new car', loser’s.  OMG that’s torture. "

Head piece designed by Townsville based milliner
designer; Tegan Crisafulli

Race day is upon us and the annual Townsville Cup hype this year is phenomenal. Fillies and Fo's are ready and raring and I'm not talking about the horses. Everyone I have spoken to is heading to the track. Wether your in a sponsored marquee or kicking stones in the GA, it's one day that everyone is out to enjoy.
"There is one thing I’ve just got to tell you." I went to Melbourne recently on a trip to seek my own captivating race attire and was amazed when I came out of a dressing room. I was very impressed with my chosen racing threads, as I twirled in front of the mirror, people in the shop stopped to admire, asking is that for Melbourne Cup? I said no, I am from Townsville and it's for our local race day!.....
WA based designer Julie Anne Lucas Millinery

‘Oh really?’ was one ladies comment and another said, ‘do they wear dresses like that up there?’
I had to bite my bad sarcastic tongue and be as polite as possible, well maybe just a little sarcasm thrown in...... I said, "yes, I’m even wearing gloves and heels with it. The ladies were bemused and replied, "wow I didn't think race meets in Townsville would dress like that".
I went on to tell her we have a fashions on the fields and amazing designers of race wear and milliners in our city that even out dress my standard of race wear I had chosen and have won many awards for their sense of creativity and design. It led to a whole Townsville learning experience for them. I'm pretty sure by the time I had finished with them, Townsville is now on their to do list. I even told them about Magnetic Island and it's superb beauty. Which also makes me think the Magnetic Island swim is on this weekend as well.
Also in town this weekend is the 'Integrated Combat Championship', featuring
Tabone Vs Indich.. It's being held at RSL Stadium… explosive mixed martial arts action! I was told 1,700 tickets were sold and that was as of two weeks ago. Consortium Townsville is a proud sponsor of this challenging sport and once again is the 'Official After party Venue' this Saturday night.  So there will be plenty of fit sporting bodies out to mix, mingle and enjoy themselves amongst the well-dressed fashionisters from the cup!
Here's to an action packed weekend in this awesome city of ours..
Until next time...a big cheers from the best bloggers ever, Sage and Bazel