Thursday, 15 March 2012


A new era in hip hop and RNB has dawned...
level ­7 launched their unique concept event on the weekend at Consortium and it's quickly becoming one of “Australia’s hottest nightclubs” according to an international source. They did it with style and flare as the stage just kept providing us with amazing talent, act after act. 
It really showed off the Townsville night life and with a great club like The Consortium and an amazing brand like  LEVEL 7 you really can ROCK THE CAZBAH .. So to speak.
The night featured DJ FLO from the Gold Coast, who absolutely obliterated the speakers with his amazing Set. FORTAFY .. Australia’s Sexiest MC .. Was there in High view for the ladies to objectify and to keep the party going!
PHINESSE!!! Amazing performance!  By such a talent. His door and stamping skills almost match his choreography... And then there was KIDD BENNY who just ripped it up all night long...
With  all this and dancers, and rappers, and competitions and balloons falling from the sky filled with prizes you could be forgiven if you thought it was New Years Eve already!
All in all it was a wonderful change from what has been going on in our town of late... So congratulations LEVEL 7 and the Consortium on stepping up the Game. Play ball....
Kisses Sage x

PS a little spy told me that the DJ's were entertained with a lavish spread put on by the Watermark and Phinesse got up in the restaurant and sang happy birthday to one lucky girl with his amazing voice....what a night!

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