Monday, 19 March 2012

Festival Love

Bazel here. I’m always surprised to hear when Townsville’s music scene is described to me as dismal. To hear those whingers drag on about how “Townsville’s so boring” and that there’s "No good DJs in this town” personally offends those artists who come to entertain us.
From my own experience I’ve found some of the most talented and vibrant local artists are producing some of the highest quality material worthy of any major city. And let’s not forget the legion of great promoters bringing some of the biggest and most popular festivals to Townsville, rivalling any capital.
People seem to complain about the $25 entry fee to see a great artist, but have no problems forking out $500+ for flights and accommodation to see the exact same event in Brisbane?
Times certainly are a changing and I think we need to start supporting our local community a little better. What better way to start than to support the “I LOVE Festivals” event Saturday 24th March, promoted by Boi King Koi Productions at James Cook University’s "The Club"
Featuring ten of the best DJ’s from around Townsville, Boi King Koi Productions have been working hard putting together an epic event to provide people with the opportunity to sample a kaleidoscope of sounds, one for every style. With no genre or musical restrictions, these guys want to showcase Townsville’s local talent, by simply representing the artist’s fattest beats and latest inspirations by exposing their creative talents to the Townsville public.
Speaking about their event, Boi King Koi Productions expect 500 revellers to walk through their doors and are encouraging festival attire with “dancing shoes” a must! They have forecast intense entertainment with fluoro paint, live projections, light shows and FOAM on offer during the event.
To top all this off, the major after party will be held at Consortium with only a $2 entry fee for all Uni students!!! Buses will be provided and resident DJ Slim will be backing it up with some of the hottest tunes. Everyone always loves a good after party and Consortium Super Club is perfect.....
I think it’s about time we get our heads out of our arses and start supporting these events and appreciate some of the hidden talent right here on our door steps!
PS. A little birdie tells me that “the hottest bods from the Cowboys had their shirts off at Consortium's foam party, having too much fun” I guess you ladies better be prepared for the weekend then ha ha thanks for that info Sage;)
DJ Slim