Friday, 23 March 2012

Green with Envy

Woot Woot…..Sage here!

I have seriously come to believe there is no 'ONE' word that can describe a consortium foam party. Consortium has evolved to be one of the most entertaining clubs we could possibly have. It’s so diverse and caters for such a broad spectrum of people. 

The foam parties are getting bigger with 2,600 revellers passing through their doors.
The onlookers and the unsure watched with even the majority of them eventually ditching their heels or shirts to join the ultimate wet and wild experience!

After speaking with Consortium staff, they said, 'besides being a really hectic pace for us, it's so good to see people in such a happy mood.' These nights literally transform an ordinary atmosphere.

It showcases the meaning of ' REAL ' fun. People can be comfortable with going out and just being themselves. We can wear whatever we want, we can wear thongs, beach attire, we can dress up, or we can even get our shirt’s off which I definitely recommend he he

You can go out and transform your night and do something that you don't normally do. I can’t tell you enough…….if you haven't been to one yet you can't miss the next one for “Groovin in Moo” after party. It will be HUGE!!!!!