Saturday, 4 February 2012

Who Hates Valentine's Day?

Well hello my CocoBongo followers it's Bazel here. I guess you would expect Sage to write about the big V day.  Yes, it would probably make more sense since she’s that girl who gets very spoilt with mountains of text messages, facebook posts and always at least one bunch of embarrassing flowers, I know this because she’s laying the chatter on pretty thick about this encroaching day.....I -mean -non -stop. 
Am I dreading Valentine’s Day? Should I be curled up on the couch in the foetal position, trembling and crying hysterically? Hmmm I think about the old Hallmark conspiracy where they say our  lives are brain washed into buying boxes of chocolates with dozens of paper hearts derived from dead trees, we have become accustom to the mandatory dinners, the symbolic jewellery and the compulsory flowers- that all have those clever  intensions.
To me this story is starting to sound a little clich√© and sad. I mean bashing Valentine’s Day because big corporations are commercialising and cashing in on the annual event. Really?
Hey, I haven’t had the best luck with women but the idea of Valentine’s Day isn’t as bad as whiney single people make out. These single people make me insane with their constant babble about their independence and the “I don’t need this ridiculous day” There’s no doubt that it’s focused on the female of the species, but to be honest,  the worst part about Valentine’s day is trying to ignore it. I say, let it go single people and just embraced it. Grab friends (or in my case my lovely Mum) and do something nice. Hey- it’s probably corny and yes we are letting those god damn marketing people manipulate us but do you really think letting go and indulging that special person is going to kill you?  Hell, I think it feels pretty bloody good to me...

I'll be taking my fussy Mum to the Watermarks event- I heard they're going to put on quite a show;)

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Valentine's Card

Fantastic Valentine's Day card fit for any wonderful lady on this special day (Card by the Oatmeal)

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