Friday, 13 January 2012

Quick Getaway?

Hey hey Sage here!

Firstly, it has been fantastic to see such great comments on all our stories! The blog is running hot lately with juicy responses- great to see such wonderful support.
Ok, are you looking for a quick few days away? The McCracken family recently visited the Northern beaches of Cairns. It was picture perfect weather and their destination of choice was Trinity Beach about 15 minutes north of Cairns. This is definitely a place that will instantly make you feel like you’re in holiday mode. They booked 3 days at the uber luxurious penthouse apartments called ‘The Vue’.
Trinity Beach Cairns

Apparently one of the best rooms to have, if you’re lucky enough to get in first, is the ultra spacious and very exclusive unit number 401. It has one of the most spectacular and breathtaking views!

You would think for such a fabulous and elite space you would be paying through the nose to secure such a gem but it’s surprisingly conservative. For those amazing 3 days, a 3 bedroom only worked out around $130.00 per person, for each night- Crazy!? I’m sure this will change over different seasons though. Book me in now Scotty!!

The large pool area also displays fantastic views over a wet edge. The trendy bar and restaurant Lunico’s is in walking distance, complimented with a very quaint and pretty beach
The family did a cruisey day trip to the beautiful restaurant Harrison’s which is found in the gorgeous town of Port Douglas. This is one superb restaurant located across from the famous Oceanside church. The head chef and owner of this beautiful restaurant will leave you with memories of food like you haven’t experienced anywhere else before.  Michelle says “I can’t tell you enough how amazing my food was, you just have to go there”
After the Harrison’s lunch the family headed to the renowned Mossman Gorge for a much needed afternoon swim.  Michelle said to me that the whole day was just beautiful, the entire 3 days spent there was nothing but amazing. I think you can see from the fabulous images what a special area this is. Check out some of these great photos and if you need a break....well.....CocoBongo was sneaky enough to let you in on a great little secret;)
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Kisses Sage x

Vue apartments Cairns

Yorky's Boat Club Cairns

Harrisons Restaurant Port Douglas

Harrisons Restaurant Port Douglas
Mossman Gorge

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