Sunday, 14 July 2013

Byron Bay Australia....A hidden gem?

Well to my many readers, I must say it's been a while....much has happened and in time the biography attached to this blog will be added to. 
The new writings, I have been told constitute 'movie worthy' material....from media madness, laws that make history, high profile people and much more.

For now though, in our everyday madness, we often want to close our eyes and our minds we aspire to a place of beauty and happy times, a place that could whisk away our everyday pressures. 
Byron Bay nestled on Australia's beautiful east coast, is a little hidden gem that paints the picture perfectly. 
Where forest palms meet the ocean

Whenever I drive into 'Byron', as the locals call it, I'm always captivated by the surrounding rolling hills of green, that lead a pathway to the bluest of oceans.
Hidden and dotted amongst the scenic hills, lay the hidden houses of Australia's wealthy counterparts and celebrities alike. Not only that, you will find alternative hippies that choose this area to live their lives with their back-to-nature attitude. 
Pure Rawness - have a seat under a tree,
stare to the ocean and let your cares disappear.
The 'hippie', relaxed way of life carries throughout this town and I've come to realise this relaxed way of life, along with the areas effortless beauty is what makes Byron the place it is. 

Byron Bay's main beach in town
The great mix of people has Byron aspire to some of the most awesome cafes, quaint and trendy clothing boutiques and what I would describe as, different, arty, alternative, with a touch of class and pure rawness.

As the ever so slight ocean breeze greeted me, along with the stunning white sand beach, I pull up to my chosen accommodation...'Rae's', a place I had heard so much about. A small, boutique, world renowned hotel.....
well in saying that, only to the people in the know. The hotel has had the pleasure of accommodating many a celebrity, more so by word of mouth.
Rae's on Watego's Beach

The pretty white hotel with it's slight Grecian or even Moroccan influences sits just a few minutes on the outskirts of town, although conveniently a rainforest timber boardwalk leads you along the stunning coast line and back into the action. 
Following the rainforest boardwalk the other way takes you on a gorgeous walk that leads to the iconic Lighthouse on Australia's most 'eastern' point.

Where there's a lighthouse -
there's a view
Walk to the iconic lighthouse -
 Australia's most eastern point

I can't emphasise enough, the beauty of the region and my time spent here was second to none. 
Rae's was a place of total relaxation and my favourite place to hang out was on my covered terrace, on a massive day bed, with a good book, overlooking the grounds that lined the white sand beach.
I came in winter and was fortunate enough to have beautiful sun kissed warmth throughout the day and at night the hotel staff would stoke my 'real' log fire within my gorgeous moroccan style room. A good bottle of red and a delectable cheese platter was complimentary.....what more could I have asked for?
The deluxe penthouse suite at Rae's

Everything was included, even a complementary massage in the spa, breakfast each morning and a 3 course dinner along with the gorgeous vase of white Lilly's that scented my room.
The calmness and laid back lifestyle of Byron Bay and the wonderful accommodation at Rae's had me wanting to stay longer than the few days I had.

The enormous day bed on our balcony
The perfect place to chill out with a good book

In my time here I ventured around to find it catered for every type of traveller. 
Another beautiful hotel was 'Byron on Byron', which I also recommend for a special time away and don't forget to join in there 8.00am yoga class.
Also check out this site 
It houses a quaint 2 bedroom cottage called 'Imeson',  right on the beach and close to town.
Imeson, of years gone by, was the perfect 'basic Aussie' beach holiday, a hundred year old cottage, in the most perfect location, that has been taken back and revamped by Australia's National Parks.
I also found some other great cottages and camp grounds on this site. 
Accommodation ranges from backpackers to fully stocked houses and as mentioned before the hotel 'Byron on Byron'
My place at heart now is Rae's, which upon my departure, management explained the hotel, would undergo constructive renovations in the winter of 2014. Renovations will see an added basement car park, more rooms, a beach club bar and restaurant and an updated makeover to keep the hotel moving with the needs of evolution. I'm sure it will be nothing short of amazing and within keeping Rae's exquisiteness.

Restaurants hmmm...well, in my time here, I recommend a small, reasonably priced, lane side BYO cafe called 'Fish Mongers', the food was fresh, well presented and I'm pretty sure anybody who loves good seafood won't be disappointed. The restaurant is casual, come as you are, but the food is top notch. 
Fish Monger's is situated behind the famous 'Beach Hotel' where everyone heads to catch up for a cold beer or two. 
Another restaurant I recommend is 'Pacific' Italian, right next door to the Beach hotel, it's great food and  a well presented restaurant if you want to go somewhere nice.

If surf is what your looking for, then Byron has plenty of great breaks, so grab your board and let's go!

The beach at Rae's